Pattison, Piracy, and Things That Go Fart in the Night

September 3, 2017

You can't stop the signal. William Pattison, or possibly Al Omega got my video pulled from Youtube. Well that's fine, I tried to play nice, but here it is, the audio from the show. For those not following along, this deals with the piracy of Al Omega on the Creature Features page, where he is uploading full copyrighted movies without the owners consent.


I also go into detail of my ongoing and way to long goinf feud with William Pattison aka Eric Morse, or Morris, the self proclaimed, and misnamed "King of Splatterpunk"


In the Dark with Alena Von Stroheim

December 5, 2016

This week on a very special early Christmas episode of In the Dark, Lord Dixie welcomes actress Alena Von Stroheim to the show. It's somewhat of a short show with no filler and after a little Christmassy music, it's on with the show.


Alena joins us to talk about her film Found Footage 3-D. Found Footage 3-D is currently wowing audiences on the festival and convention circuit and hopefully will be available soon on home media. Now, I'm no fan of Found Footage, but I loved this film. Along with Found Footage 3-D, Alena DOESN'T talk about some new and exciting projects becuase she cant. But at least we know shes got something cooking.


Since it's the Christmas season, Lord Dixie tries to take a call from Santa, but it doesn't quite work out like it was planned.  And what the hell was Santa drinking.Then another call from a very unappatizingly named Christmas Elf.


Then a bit more chat before we start the LIGHTENING ROUND. You can see the fear in Alena's eyes. Well if it was a video podcast, but pretend you see it. Over alla Alena was a trooper and a great guest and we thank her for putting up with us when things don't go the way they were planned


Retro! Two Girls, One Dixie Cup

November 26, 2016

Join Eliza Jayne and Dixie as they welcome the beautiful Holly to Dead Sexy Radio in an episode we just had to call “Two Girls, One Dixie Cup”. We open, as always with Zombie XXX before letting Holly open the main part of the show. Dixie isn't wearing pants and Holly is topless, Eliza doesn’t reveal how she is dressed, so use your imagination. The talk shifts to modeling with a story of Dixie getting banned from Florida, all Holly's ass's fault. It's an ass episode, why is Holly's ass so hungry? It eats her bikini!. We want better reviews! I'm no fuddy duddy!. Kissing Weenis, and Eliza and Holly out on the town? Holly talks about her love for old school horror, and the X-files, about how she loves to kick Dixie in the nuts, reading Kane Hodder's book and getting serious about her future college plans. Dead Sexy definitely in all sincerity wishes her the best and is cheering her on. We also think she should dress as Pocahontas for school! Holly needs a fan page. Let's do this.

Then instead of the short musical break, we instead added in outtakes that weren't in the official show, just for fun. It's mostly boob, boobs, and well more boobs. Then we come back. We were originally scheduled for a second guest but with a cancellation, we ask Holly to hang around. We push Dante out of hell to make room for Dead Sexy Radio in the Ninth Circle. Is Dixie funnier in a coma? We may find out (we don’t). We talk Weekend at Bernie's, zombies, the Walking Dead and why Eliza Jayne is cooler than the Walking Dead celebrities.

Then FINALLY, the lingerie sleepover, and why it isn’t creepy. We wont be watching A Serbian Film. What will we watch. The world is shocked that Holly and Dixie have both seen A Serbian Film, which they discover talking about Cannibal Holocaust. Then Japanese fetishs, used panties, used panty Easter Egg hunts. Eliza and Holly swapping boob pictures with each other, and MORE! Yes they do talk about Two Girls, One Cup, as well as Four Girls, Five Trashcans. Then as the classlessness reaches new lows, they bring it to the end and sadly (I'M GONNA CRY!!!!!!!) say Goodbye, or at least until we talk again!


In the Dark with Leah Wiseman

November 15, 2016

The actual first episode of In the Dark with actress Leah Wiseman. It was originally taped and uploaded to Shortly after I switched to hosting at Podbean, and now that we are available from Itunes, I decided to upload it to Podbean and make it avaiable to my listeners on Itunes as well.  All episodes, and more are avialable at for your listening enjoyment as well.

As for the show, if you aren;t familiar with Leah Wiseman she is a beautiful and talented upcoming actress from North Carolina. She can currently be seen in the horror films Dollface and Family Possessions. While Dollface is a horror comedy, Family Possessions is a straight hrror film descibed by some as a paranormal slasher. Leah is starring in Family Possessions along side Dollface co stars Lizzie Mears and Jason Vail.







In the Dark with Satan

November 6, 2016

This week we have a very specialepisode of In the Dark with a very special guest. No movie star ormodel but the devil himself, Lucifer, Satan, has granted us anexclusive interview. In we talk about his music career, his favoritefilms. We also broach the subject of Ozzy Osbourne and the paternitytest from hell. A slight detour into the presidential campaign ofhell, and even the church of satan. You don't want to miss it, ourguest night take it personally! Along the way we take a few calls,answer some viewer mail email. We get right into it after some devilmusic. Special thanks to Walter Sablotny III for the use of someawesome artwork

It's all in good fun, so no Sound guyWillie....or is there? You never know when the worlds most unfamoussound guy, janitor, fan fiction writer and all around asshole mightshow up. It's a short show so short show notes. So remember kiddies,say your prayers, eat your veggies and go to church on Sunday or theDevil might be a guest on your podcast


In the Dark with Elizabeth Mears

October 31, 2016

It's Halloween and we are In The Dark with our special guest Elizabeth Mears, Elizabeth or Lizzie is a multi talented actress, singer and writer, and a super sweet person. She can be seen in the hit movie Dollface, also known as Dorchester's Revemge. Lizzie will also be seen in the upcoming movie Family Possessions, starring Leah Wiseman (Dollface) and genre favorites Mark Patton (Nightmare on Elm Street 2) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp). She can also be seen in the short Escape.

Family Possession will be Elizabeth's second film with director Tommy Faircloth

Elizabeth was also a guest on Dead Sexy Radio hosted by Lord Dixie and Eliza Jayne and Lord Dixie is proud to welcome her back! Hopefully this wont the the last time as Family Possessions looks to be a hit. Lord Dixie will talk to Lizzie about her roles in Dollface, Family Possessions as well as her numerous TV roles. They also discuss what its like working with fan favorites like Patton and Rose.

Then the duo open up the phone lines to take some monstrous Halloween phone calls. You won't believe who calls in! Could it be a former sound guy from In The Dark? And why does Carl want Lizzie's biscuit? Is bread really good?

Then we tale a short break to cleanse the pallet from those phone calls, but don't worry, we didn't let Lizzie slip away! After a break, (it's about 30 seconds folks, you can hang around for more Lizzie), we come back to a new segment. Honestly it's new, we didn't get the idea from anyone else. It's the lightening round. Ten questions, rapid fire for Elizabeth with her answering with the first thought that comes to mind. There's no time to phone a friend Regis! After the lightening round we do, sadly, have to say goodbye to Elizabeth Mears but we hope to see her again real soon.

This episode was plagued with audio problems due mostly, we think, to new software. We are looking to fix the problem, but unfortunately this episode does have some flaws that weren't there last week. We apologize to Lizzie and her fans. Still it fun to listen to Elizabeth and especially her completely unrehearsed answers to the callers and the Lightening round


In the Dark with LadyAslan

October 23, 2016

After a week off, In the Dark returns with our very special guest, LadyAslan herself, Anitra De Lorenzo. The intention of the show was to focus on the writings of Anitra but we quickly, and predictably go off course. But that's OK we do get to know her and find out a lot about her. She has lead an adventuresome life, traveling and experiencing what life has to offer. Unfortunately experiencing life often leads you into the path of trolls, stalkers and bullies. We discuss this in a sometimes serious, sometimes lite hearted way, sippy sippy. Yes the elephant in the room (in San Mateo) does get brought up and discussed at length. Realistically there was no way that Anitra and I could talk about entertainment, writing and bullying without bringing up Mr. Fan Fiction. This was a long show as Anitra is a dear friend and we could talk for ages.

There is also the usual tom foolery, with completely inappropriate behavior by Plumber Willie, who at one point attempts to commander the show. I wont have none of that and he was swiftly put back in his place. The dumpster that is. We also have a very special opening musical intro by Rim Wipe, titled Itchy Dixie,which is wildly appropriate for this show. A big thank you goes out to Dani Carnage and Rimwipe for allowing us to use their song. Please go here and show them lots of love and support. You will enjoy yourself in the process. And of course you can go here to learn more about the lovely and talented Ladyaslan aka Anitra. To all the baby bats #babybats, that tune in, thank you in advance and I'm sorry for what you hear lol. That wraps up this session of show notes, prepare for a Halloween show next week!!!


In the Dark with Victoria De Mare

October 3, 2016

We are back with another episode of In the Dark, this week with special guest Victoria De Mare. That's right, the lovely actress Victoria De Mare. Victoria stars as the demonic clown Batty Boop in the Killjoy series of movies from Charles Band's Full Moon Films. De Mare makes her first appearance as Batty in Killjoy 3 and her popularity lead to her reprising the role in the next two films, including the upcoming Killjoy Psycho Circus. There are a lot of stories of creepy clowns, but Batty could lure me into the woods any day!

The show opens with sad news from the sea of Japan regarding Sound Guy Willie. Ok maybe not so sad, it is Sound Guy Willie we are talking about. If you don't find Willie funny, well you probably just have good taste. But it's a short bit before we flush Willie away and get on to the lovely Victoria De Mare. Special shout out to Zombie XXX, as we reprise the opening tune they wrote for Dead Sexy Radio, during a quick break before we bring on Victoria De Mare.

Then it's on to Victoria. We talk about her career, in movies as well as her musical career. Victoria also talks about her training in dance and her IMDB which lists 91 film roles and she assures us it is far from up to date. Besides her female lead role in the Killjoy series, she has also appeared in small roles in the Amazon Prime series Bosch, as well as a scene in the hit superhero movie Deadpool. Yes that Deadpool, starring Ryan Reynolds. We also take a few minutes to talk about the phenomena of creepy clowns that is apparently plaguing America. Are we facing a clown apocalypse? Or are people just really stupid? I know how I'm voting on that one.

All things end, and so does this episode, as we sign off to this episode of In the Dark and say good bye to our guest Victoria De Mare.


In the Dark with Hannah Elizabeth Smith

September 26, 2016

Welcome back to the long over duesecond episode of In the Dark. Yes it has been a while but your everloveable Lord Dixie is back with another episode. This week Dixie akaAllen is joined by special guest Hannah Elizabeth Smith. Hannah is ayoung, upcoming actor of both stage and screen from North Carolina.She has played the role of Carrie White in Carrie the musical, andLady McBeth on stage. She is also the lead in the upcoming horrormovie Baphomet. If you haven't been paying attention, Baphomet isthe story of Hannah (played by Hannah Elizabeth Smith), a beautiful,sociopathic serial killer prowling the East Coast for victims. Theproject is still in the fund raising stage if you want to help out go here.

Lord Dixie even did a small write upfor House of Tortured Souls, but Hannah will give us even more of thelow down on the project. We will also talk about her other projectspast, present and future, especially her role as Carrie White andupcoming Average Joe. Along with all this Hannah fills us in a bit onthe state of the film industry in North Carolina after the loss ofthe tax incentives for film makers. Then the conversation turns southas they tackle the subject of the dick pic. What is the reasoning andlogic of the dick pic? You might find out, or you might just shakeyour head.

Sadly the episode begins with theunwarranted and unwanted return of Sound Guy Willie. Who out theredoesn't love Willie? Almost everyone apparently, Still he's back forhis own brand of un-funny comedy. Still what can you do? We couldn'tfind a better bit in time for the show. It's OK if you just skip overhim, we all want to skip past him.

But enjoy the conversation with HannahElizabeth Smith and keep an eye out for Baphomet.

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August 1, 2016

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