In the Dark with Elizabeth Mears

October 31, 2016

It's Halloween and we are In The Dark with our special guest Elizabeth Mears, Elizabeth or Lizzie is a multi talented actress, singer and writer, and a super sweet person. She can be seen in the hit movie Dollface, also known as Dorchester's Revemge. Lizzie will also be seen in the upcoming movie Family Possessions, starring Leah Wiseman (Dollface) and genre favorites Mark Patton (Nightmare on Elm Street 2) and Felissa Rose (Sleepaway Camp). She can also be seen in the short Escape.

Family Possession will be Elizabeth's second film with director Tommy Faircloth

Elizabeth was also a guest on Dead Sexy Radio hosted by Lord Dixie and Eliza Jayne and Lord Dixie is proud to welcome her back! Hopefully this wont the the last time as Family Possessions looks to be a hit. Lord Dixie will talk to Lizzie about her roles in Dollface, Family Possessions as well as her numerous TV roles. They also discuss what its like working with fan favorites like Patton and Rose.

Then the duo open up the phone lines to take some monstrous Halloween phone calls. You won't believe who calls in! Could it be a former sound guy from In The Dark? And why does Carl want Lizzie's biscuit? Is bread really good?

Then we tale a short break to cleanse the pallet from those phone calls, but don't worry, we didn't let Lizzie slip away! After a break, (it's about 30 seconds folks, you can hang around for more Lizzie), we come back to a new segment. Honestly it's new, we didn't get the idea from anyone else. It's the lightening round. Ten questions, rapid fire for Elizabeth with her answering with the first thought that comes to mind. There's no time to phone a friend Regis! After the lightening round we do, sadly, have to say goodbye to Elizabeth Mears but we hope to see her again real soon.

This episode was plagued with audio problems due mostly, we think, to new software. We are looking to fix the problem, but unfortunately this episode does have some flaws that weren't there last week. We apologize to Lizzie and her fans. Still it fun to listen to Elizabeth and especially her completely unrehearsed answers to the callers and the Lightening round


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