In the Dark with Hannah Elizabeth Smith

September 26, 2016

Welcome back to the long over duesecond episode of In the Dark. Yes it has been a while but your everloveable Lord Dixie is back with another episode. This week Dixie akaAllen is joined by special guest Hannah Elizabeth Smith. Hannah is ayoung, upcoming actor of both stage and screen from North Carolina.She has played the role of Carrie White in Carrie the musical, andLady McBeth on stage. She is also the lead in the upcoming horrormovie Baphomet. If you haven't been paying attention, Baphomet isthe story of Hannah (played by Hannah Elizabeth Smith), a beautiful,sociopathic serial killer prowling the East Coast for victims. Theproject is still in the fund raising stage if you want to help out go here.

Lord Dixie even did a small write upfor House of Tortured Souls, but Hannah will give us even more of thelow down on the project. We will also talk about her other projectspast, present and future, especially her role as Carrie White andupcoming Average Joe. Along with all this Hannah fills us in a bit onthe state of the film industry in North Carolina after the loss ofthe tax incentives for film makers. Then the conversation turns southas they tackle the subject of the dick pic. What is the reasoning andlogic of the dick pic? You might find out, or you might just shakeyour head.

Sadly the episode begins with theunwarranted and unwanted return of Sound Guy Willie. Who out theredoesn't love Willie? Almost everyone apparently, Still he's back forhis own brand of un-funny comedy. Still what can you do? We couldn'tfind a better bit in time for the show. It's OK if you just skip overhim, we all want to skip past him.

But enjoy the conversation with HannahElizabeth Smith and keep an eye out for Baphomet.


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