In the Dark with Satan

November 6, 2016

This week we have a very specialepisode of In the Dark with a very special guest. No movie star ormodel but the devil himself, Lucifer, Satan, has granted us anexclusive interview. In we talk about his music career, his favoritefilms. We also broach the subject of Ozzy Osbourne and the paternitytest from hell. A slight detour into the presidential campaign ofhell, and even the church of satan. You don't want to miss it, ourguest night take it personally! Along the way we take a few calls,answer some viewer mail email. We get right into it after some devilmusic. Special thanks to Walter Sablotny III for the use of someawesome artwork

It's all in good fun, so no Sound guyWillie....or is there? You never know when the worlds most unfamoussound guy, janitor, fan fiction writer and all around asshole mightshow up. It's a short show so short show notes. So remember kiddies,say your prayers, eat your veggies and go to church on Sunday or theDevil might be a guest on your podcast


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