Retro! Two Girls, One Dixie Cup

November 26, 2016

Join Eliza Jayne and Dixie as they welcome the beautiful Holly to Dead Sexy Radio in an episode we just had to call “Two Girls, One Dixie Cup”. We open, as always with Zombie XXX before letting Holly open the main part of the show. Dixie isn't wearing pants and Holly is topless, Eliza doesn’t reveal how she is dressed, so use your imagination. The talk shifts to modeling with a story of Dixie getting banned from Florida, all Holly's ass's fault. It's an ass episode, why is Holly's ass so hungry? It eats her bikini!. We want better reviews! I'm no fuddy duddy!. Kissing Weenis, and Eliza and Holly out on the town? Holly talks about her love for old school horror, and the X-files, about how she loves to kick Dixie in the nuts, reading Kane Hodder's book and getting serious about her future college plans. Dead Sexy definitely in all sincerity wishes her the best and is cheering her on. We also think she should dress as Pocahontas for school! Holly needs a fan page. Let's do this.

Then instead of the short musical break, we instead added in outtakes that weren't in the official show, just for fun. It's mostly boob, boobs, and well more boobs. Then we come back. We were originally scheduled for a second guest but with a cancellation, we ask Holly to hang around. We push Dante out of hell to make room for Dead Sexy Radio in the Ninth Circle. Is Dixie funnier in a coma? We may find out (we don’t). We talk Weekend at Bernie's, zombies, the Walking Dead and why Eliza Jayne is cooler than the Walking Dead celebrities.

Then FINALLY, the lingerie sleepover, and why it isn’t creepy. We wont be watching A Serbian Film. What will we watch. The world is shocked that Holly and Dixie have both seen A Serbian Film, which they discover talking about Cannibal Holocaust. Then Japanese fetishs, used panties, used panty Easter Egg hunts. Eliza and Holly swapping boob pictures with each other, and MORE! Yes they do talk about Two Girls, One Cup, as well as Four Girls, Five Trashcans. Then as the classlessness reaches new lows, they bring it to the end and sadly (I'M GONNA CRY!!!!!!!) say Goodbye, or at least until we talk again!


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