In the Dark with Leah Wiseman

November 15, 2016

The actual first episode of In the Dark with actress Leah Wiseman. It was originally taped and uploaded to Shortly after I switched to hosting at Podbean, and now that we are available from Itunes, I decided to upload it to Podbean and make it avaiable to my listeners on Itunes as well.  All episodes, and more are avialable at for your listening enjoyment as well.

As for the show, if you aren;t familiar with Leah Wiseman she is a beautiful and talented upcoming actress from North Carolina. She can currently be seen in the horror films Dollface and Family Possessions. While Dollface is a horror comedy, Family Possessions is a straight hrror film descibed by some as a paranormal slasher. Leah is starring in Family Possessions along side Dollface co stars Lizzie Mears and Jason Vail.







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